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Cha-cha, Rumba, Mambo Two-step (Polka), Tango Waltz, foxtrot, quickstep Samba Jive
Butterfly position (BFLY)   2 forward 2-step   Semi closed position (SCP)   samba basic   basic, chasse  
Open position (OP)   walk 4,2, twirl 2   waltz away and together   lazy samba turn    change L to R, R to L  
Walk cha   2 turning 2 step   2 forward waltzes   samba walk   change hnds beh back  
Circle cha   fc to fc, bc to bc   tvirl vine, thr fc close   side samba   R trn fallaway  
Basic   circle aw and tog   solo roll 6, 3    bota fogo   link rock  
back break to OP   open vine 4   canter   samba whisk   throwaway  
apart, point, together, toe   lace across   balance L and R   criss cross   american spin  
New yorker   box, reverse box   pickup       shoulder shove  
Fence line   2 side closes, sd thru   close position (CP)       jive walks  
Spot turn   double hitch   2 left turning waltz       4 swivel  
Hand to hand   scissors thru   maneuver, spin maneuver       windmill turn  
Chase, Chasse peek-a-boo   broken, traveling box   2 right turning waltz       spanish arms  
Cucaracha   rock, recover   box, reverse box       kick ball change  
Shoulder to shoulder   back 2-step, bc wlk   L turning waltz box       point step  
open break to BFLY, whip   2 side 2 step   reverse box       pretzel wrap, turn  
Alemana + lariat   1/2 box, sciss thru   vine 3, 6       stop and go  
time step   basketball turn   forward, run 2          
crab walks   hitch 4   feather          
sliding doors   lunge, twist,    three step          
basic to fan, alemana   cut back, dip   diamond turn          
aida, switch cross   forward, back hitch   spin turn          
    scissors   box finish          
    lock, limp   twinkle thru          
    pivot   dip back, recover          
    strut    wing          
    fishtail   whisk          
    wrap, unwrap, ch. side   fwd, fwd/lock, fwd          
    vine 3,4,8, apart   bc, bc/lock,bc          
    pickup, maneuver   chasse